6 bad habits to avoid while traveling by plane

bad habits to avoid while traveling

bad habits to avoid while traveling: Air travel has become one of the most used means of transport, due to the advantages of reducing the time and effort, and enables the traveler to reach his destination as soon as possible.

The traveler has to take into account several erroneous behaviors that could adversely affect his trip. The Independent Traveler website has listed several tips to avoid wrong behavior while traveling on the plane as follows:

1- Avoid falling asleep or taking off  

When the plane rises or falls, the air pressure changes faster than the air inside the ear, causing discomfort, and one can reduce this

Feeling by compressing the air by chewing gum or taking a deep breath and exhale while keeping the mouth open, this means that the traveler must be vigilant to do this


2- Do not move and stay in place throughout the trip

Low air pressure in the plane may slow down blood circulation, which can lead to blood clots in the legs area, so the traveler should change the way he sits from time to time, and continue to move his legs, especially on long trips.

3- Do  not drink water and liquids

The traveler’s body can lose moisture during respiration because the air is dry inside the plane. Breathing in high places can also cause dehydration. So put a glass of water in front of you as soon as the plane starts to fly, and regularly drink juices and liquids during the flight.

4-Drink coffee or tea 

Many travelers are unaware that they often prepare coffee and tea from tap water. The researchers found that 12% of the water contained bacteria.

5- Drink soft drinks

Changes in air pressure in the aircraft can cause gases to be generated in the body, about 25% higher than usual. Because soft drinks do the same, drinking them can aggravate the problem and increase their effects!

6 – frequent touching the table and seat belt

Researchers have taken random samples and swabs from different places of the three airlines and found that the highest level of contamination with harmful bacteria was in the plane’s small dining tables. Therefore, it is preferable to use sterile paper towels to clean the table and seat belt

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