How to prepare your things for Travel like a professional?

prepare your things for Travel
prepare your things for Travel

Prepare your things for Travel: Preparing suitcases in the presence of children is not easy, you have to bring a huge massive of things they need to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as forgetting your child’s blanket, I always prepared bags and flocked at the last minute, I find running like crazy all over the house, to put clothes My children, their toys, their food, and all their belongings in one bag, and then I find the voice of one of my children saying «Let’s empty the bags prepared by Mama».

What should I do to avoid being a crazy, untidy mother?

In this article, you will be given tips to prepare your travel and your children ‘s travel purposes like a professional.

1-Make a list:        

A week before you travel, write down everything you want and need it in detail for you and your family.

2-the laundry:    

 Wash all your clothes so that your wardrobe is ready at least three days before you prepare, even if you think you won’t need a piece. Wash it too, and it’s better than finding your child insisting on taking the dirty Ben Ten T-shirt.

3- Do not multiply for purposes:  

Your son will not need three sets of clothes for each day there, or you too, so if you can prepare to do the laundry once in the middle of the week to avoid taking many things, and try to take advantage of one set the most exploitation, for example when going to the sea will not need your children only swimwear

Do not shorten/economize the purposes:

 Take advantage of the space of your bags for the necessary objectives, there are things that you should not be disregarded, and you should take:


 • Food for babies or children with allergies.


4- Layers of clothing:

If you are traveling to a cool place or an unsteady object, instead of taking heavy clothes, put your children on several layers of cotton clothing, they will not take up much space and space in the bags, and they will do well in the volatile atmosphere.

5- Choose multi-purpose clothes

Do not think about linen or clothes that need to be washed in the laundry «Dry Clean», just bring clothes that you can leave in the washing machine, and do not need special treatment and do not  easily, bring pieces of multi-purpose clothes, for example .. Instead of preparing Something to sit on the sea and cover towels, just spread the cover towels on the sand to sit on them, and by the end of the day they wrap them around your body.

6- Toys & Books:

If you want to prepare your things for Travel Just take what you lose weight and reduce his voice and stay away from toys with small pieces that cause chaos, children should choose only three toys and books, they should choose their favorite.

7- Take an extra bag:

The things you are going to buy have nowhere, so bring this shopping bag. Get your kids to choose what they want to wear there, of course not all they want to take. You’ll end up with 10 T-shirts and no shoes. Also, make them bring their backpacks, and tell them that they are responsible for the bags and their contents.

Sort the bags per person:

If everybody can have a bag, this is excellent, and it will make it a lot easier for you to look for your daughter’s fuchsia drink in the middle of her father’s McCoy t-shirts if you have a big bag for everyone. «Packing Cubes» and use each one with each individual.

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